Montréal is shopping heaven

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Two days: barely enough time to scratch the surface of all of the city’s treasures.

Saint-Denis Street

Whether you want to dress yourself to the nines or turn your home into a paragon of originality and elegance, you’ll find it all here.

-       Get a feel for why Montréal is synonymous with bold creativity by browsing the boutiques of Québec fashion designers: Dubuc Mode de vie: chic urban style; Revenge: for gurus of good taste; Angela Jones maillots: the latest in bikinis, beachwear, robes and accessories.

-       Discover the ultimate in home decor and accessories (and watch your friends’ jaws drop when they see your new digs); Bleu Nuit and Carré Blanc: slip between the sheets with style; Zone: decorative items, curtains, lamps and everything for the coolest bathroom ever. Marcel Proulx Fleuriste: decorative items and garden furniture; Arthur Quentin: kitchen items, porcelain and earthenware. A landmark; Couleurs: furniture and decorative items from the 40s to the 70s; Dix Mille Villages: fair trade products and objects of every description; Départ en Mer: Marine-themed gifts, accessories and decorative items.

De La Montagne Street

Three of Montréal’s leading haute-couture designers have set up shop on this trendy fashion strip: 

-       Marie Saint-Pierre: embraces a philosophy of movement. Marrying elegance with audacity, her collections offer something to fit every woman’s style and mood.

-       Andy Thé-Ahn: offers colourful collections that are both feminine and elegant, designed with the professional woman in mind. Ultra-feminine blouses, tailored suits and sophisticated evening dresses for one-of-a-kind looks. 

-       Nadya Toto: has a weakness for combining comfort and refinement, plus a decidedly sexy side that lends signature charm to her creations.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Dive into the dynamic energy of “The Main”. The mosaic of cultures that call this area home has given birth to a captivating mix of totally eclectic businesses, from ultra-chic to quirky kitsch.

-       Food stores, clothing boutiques and furniture stores flaunt their wares side by side. A paradise for those who love to shop, with something for every budget and taste.

-       Antique stores and second-hand shops (friperies) are legion and boutiques are brimming with dishes, ceramics, and blown-glass objects—whatever your heart desires. Two addresses worth noting: Sauriol and Phil’z, which stock a treasure trove of accessories from the 30s to the 70s.

Boutique Revenge
514 843-4379
3852, rue Saint-Denis

Bleu Nuit
514 843-5702
3913, rue Saint-Denis

Arthur Quentin
514 843-7513
3960, rue Saint-Denis

Nadya Toto
514 327-4477
9200, rue Meilleur