Montréal’s Geotourism MapGuide


August 22, 2012 – When Montréal became the first city in North America to sign National Geographic’s Geotourism Charter in 2007, it was committed to promoting sustainable tourism and to highlighting the metropolis’s unique geographical character.

That explain why the city published the Geotourism MapGuide, a city-wide journey to the sites, attractions and places that have shaped our collective heritage. The printed MapGuide is a two-sided poster-size map with destination information that identifies natural, cultural, and historic attractions that define a sense of place. It helps draw attention to the need to sustain and enhance the authentic assets and character of Montréal, and complement community economic development strategies.

From landmark bistros to the one-of-a-kind Biodôme to lively boîtes à chanson, this handy map is a treasure chest of information about Montréal’s culture, history and geography. For the savvy tourist who really wants to get a quality experience out of their Montréal visit, the MapGuide definitely points them in the right direction.