Montréal Art Galleries and Centres

© George Fok - PHI Centre© Galerie MX - Galerie MX© Vox Crédit - Art History Exposition - Le 2-22 / Art actuel / Installation de Bik Van der Pol
© Art souterrain, Samuel Boisvert - Art souterrain / Vanessa Lapointe - Palais des congrès© Le 2-22 Montréal, 2012 / Simone Lefebvre. © VOX - Le 2-22© DHC/ART, Richard-Max Tremblay - DHC / Foundation for Contemporary Art

© George Fok - PHI Centre

March 20, 2013 ─ In a city where art is everywhere, gallery owners in particular have worked diligently to establish Montréal as a world-calibre cultural and innovative art centre by bringing works by international and local artists to the city’s art aficionados.

Classic Works
Many of the city’s traditional galleries can be found along Sherbrooke Street West or Saint-Paul Street. In particular, they feature paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures from renowned European and North American artists.

New-Age Galleries
Renovated industrial space has become a favourite place for the city’s avant-garde visual art scene. For example, the Belgo Building on Sainte-Catherine Street West is former factory that now houses many of the city’s hottest contemporary art galleries. Likewise, the new PHI Centre on Saint-Pierre Street in Old Montréal is a bold, multi-purpose complex that showcases art in all its forms to make it accessible and essential.  And, of course, the Arsenal Contemporary Art Complex in Griffintown, once a huge shipyard dating back to 1846, now hosts gallery space dedicated to contemporary Canadian and international art.

Underground Art
Montréal takes its underground art scene literally: come February and March each year, Art Souterrain presents a daring and wildly inventive initiative that features photos, videos, installations and artistic performances by hundreds of renowned contemporary artists along a 6-km passage of the Underground Pedestrian Network. As such, it seeks to change public perception vis-à-vis new contemporary art practices and to unite the visual arts milieu.