Montréal's Musée Grévin


June 25, 2013 — After 130 years of existence, Paris’s famous Grévin Museum has opened a new location on the fifth floor of the Montreal Eaton Centre.

The wondrous journey begins in a forest of bright vines that guide us through the Palace of the Seasons, an interactive multimedia environment, immersive and evolving, created by MOMENT FACTORY. This projection takes us through the seasons with an enchanting play of light and reflections. Then, the doors open...Let the show begin.

The museum features Québec and international personalities. We meet John and Yoko, Justin Bieber, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, and, of course, Céline Dion! We thrill at the sight of childhood idols—Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. And don’t count out sports stars, politicians, geeks, and historical figures! You’ll be able to greet Wayne Gretzky and Barack Obama...

Some 30 artisans from Grévin Paris worked for nearly two years on these wax figures, whose every detail was applied with impressive precision. Sculptors, molders, seamstresses, makeup artists, wig makers, hairdressers...the list of talent is extensive. The result: Life is the only thing missing to make these statues as real as the individuals they represent.

For some post-exhibition comfort, spend a few moments at Café Grévin by Europea, a Parisian bistro-style restaurant/boutique run by Jérôme Ferrer and his team.