Walking and biking: guided tours


October 31, 2013 – If you’re a limber-legged tourist looking for a different view of the city’s architectural marvels, don’t miss the guided walking and biking tours that are offered throughout the summer and fall.

Héritage Montréal’s Architectours takes tourists into the city’s most interesting neighbourhoods on foot. Stroll through the Square Mile and discover the “castles” built into the side of the mountain by 19th century industrialists. Wind your way through the leafy Victorian streets of Milton-Parc. Explore the Quartier latin, with its unique ecclesiastical roots and its more modern renewals. Regardless of which pocket of the city you set foot in, you’ll get a street-level view of Montréal’s architectural achievements and its myriad peoples. Architectours are offered in both English and French.

If biking is more your speed, coast through the city’s streets—and its impressive 600 kilometres of bike paths—while taking in all the signature sights. From April to November, Montréal On Wheels offers guided biking tours of the city as well as bike rides with tour leaders. In addition to the popular “City Tour,” Montréal On Wheels now has a guided “Vista-Architecture” tour of the city’s most marvellous structures. Using the “boom” (a floating structure used to retain ice in the winter), participants bike across the St. Lawrence River while feasting their eyes on stunning landscapes, parks and architectural achievements. Montréal’s Old Port, the Lachine Canal, Habitat 67, the Biosphère, Île Notre-Dame and Atwater Market are just a few of the stops on this three-hour tour. Led by certified guides, tours consist of easy and safe routes with ample opportunity for breaks and commentaries.

Whether you’re more inclined to experience Montréal by foot or cycling through its streets, these tours are the perfect way to get to the heart of the city and feel its pulse.