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© Tourisme Montréal, Susan Moss - Bistrot La Fabrique

With Montréal's impressive number of restaurants, chances are that you’re going to find just the region or type of food you crave – and it’s going to be delicious!

Local creativity
Local chefs really take the cake when it comes to imagination. Not only do they showcase fresh, seasonal local produce, they liberally season their dishes with the same creativity that is indelibly Montréal: innovation, style and originality.

A culinary scene a cut above the rest
Ingenuity is the main ingredient in a unique cuisine that deftly mixes invention with tradition. The result? An inspired blend of local influences, daring world flavours and European heritage. What’s more, Montréal chefs work hand in hand with local purveyors and can often be found exploring the public markets for the inspiration and base of their next great creation. And if you don’t catch them at the market, chances are you’ll find them chatting up the patrons at their restaurant; Montréal’s culinary scene is also appetizingly accessible!

In addition, the street food scene, with some 350 food trucks and takeout meal stands, offers a diverse range of fresh, affordable, and high-quality products.

Delicious events year-round
Montréal’s devotion to fine food and drink is celebrated with numerous culinary events throughout the year. For example, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE lights up the dark of winter with one of North America’s most popular gourmet happenings, while MTLàTABLE – our version of Restaurant Week with the support of Desjardins – showcases delectable menus at accessible prices.

Tibetans say to Eat shamelessly! To this, Montrealers say Bon appétit!

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