Andiamo! The Mediterranean by Europea


Published on November 2, 2009 – A new sign has recently been added to the delicious list of gourmet addresses of Europea restaurant: Andiamo! The prolific creativity and infinite inspiration of Chef Jérome Ferrer has produced yet another gourmet hotspot, but this time with a Mediterranean flair. A quick look at the menu is all it takes to get your mouth watering! Parmesan and poppy seed encrusted calamari with lime and tartar sauce, braised lamb in a red wine and tomato broth, shallot comfit, pistou gnocchi and warm, marinated grilled octopus with chickpea purée are recent additions to this fabulous new menu.

If you are wondering whether this restaurant follows in the footsteps of its predecessors – and it most certainly does– then expect gastronomic excellence inspired by the purest and most delicate of Italian and Spanish culinary traditions. Originally from the south of France with Catalan roots, Ferrer lets his Mediterranean roots show, with a seafood-based cuisine that is intentionally simple, fresh and light, cooked using olive oil exclusively. All produce is delectably fresh, pasta is made from organic flour and olive oil and lemon takes centre stage in the recipes. The wine list is exclusively comprised of French, Italian and Spanish vintages, with some even available by the glass. Andiamo!

Andiamo par Europea