Montréal, a gourmet destination beyond compare


February 21, 2012 ─ Montréalers take great pleasure in sitting down to a good meal and to that effect in this city, they are well served. A remarkable variety of foods deriving from the culinary specialties of over 120 ethnicities melds perfectly with a wealth of local produce and the limitless creativity of our chefs for extraordinary dining experiences.

A Tribute to the Good Life
In September 2007, Montréal joined the ranks of cities such as Lyon, Barcelona, Canton and Turin (just to name a few) and became a part of the prestigious World Network of Gourmet Cities, thus confirming its reputation as a metropolis where people live and eat well.

For Montréalers, the question of whether you eat to live or live to eat really isn’t a question at all: a meal is as much (if not more) about the culinary and sensory ritual as it is about the food consumed. A meal is to be savoured, enjoyed, never rushed and naturally paired with the appropriate wine. Consequently, the local farmer’s market and corner gourmet shop constitute important sites of exploration and discovery, where exotic products from across the globe intermingle easily with familiar tastes such as local cheeses or maple syrup.

Whether it is at home, at a chic 5-star restaurant or at a quaint neighbourhood bistro, the ambiance and décor of the setting are as vital to the overall experience as the quality of the meal.

Variety, abundance and freshness at your fingertips
With over 6 000 gastronomical establishments within the region, Montréal can boast equally about the abundance and the plurality of its culinary offering.
The city’s markets reflect the rich cultural diversity of Montréal by offering an impressive mosaic of local Québec produce alongside a wealth of imported products.

When it comes to specialty stores such as chocolate shops, cheese shops or bakeries, they often reflect the flavours and aromas of the communities in the neighbourhood.

When diversity is synonymous with creativity
The multitude of flavours, local and international, that nurture Montréal’s gastronomical diversity influence the produce found in the markets as much as the creativity of our chefs.

Reinvented traditional classics or simple fusions of exotic specialties, all prepared with products as fresh as they are fine, result in delectable feasts for the senses.

More and more up-and-coming chefs, trained by seasoned culinary veterans both here and abroad, are proposing fresh, unpretentious, and inventive cuisine with creations that are innately “Montréal”.