Montréal Culinary Events and Tours

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February 17, 2016 - In a city as passionate about food as Montréal, it only makes sense that we celebrate and flaunt our fervour with a variety of culinary events throughout the year.

Come November, MTLàTABLE, Montréal’s version of Restaurant Week, celebrates the great variety and quality of the city’s restaurants. Foodies get the chance to delight in delectable deals and events in restaurants across the island at appetizing fixed-menu prices.

The MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE Festival highlights the flavours and specialities of a city, a region, and a country each February. One of North America’s most popular gourmet happenings, the 11-day festival showcases an array of epicurean events both on-site and in several Montréal restaurants.

The Omnivore Food Festival
A summer festival and a party rolled into one, the Omnivore Food Festival features the talents of leading international chefs alongside local up-and-comers on the cutting-edge of their craft, plus demonstrations, new trends and creativity. The festival culminates with a lively tasting party set to a DJ beat.

Tasting Events
True to form, Montréal is host to a number of annual tasting events. Mondial de la Bière in June is Canada’s largest beer festival and one of the most anticipated tasting happening of the year.

Guided Culinary Tours
Who better than an experienced guide to reveal Montréal’s culinary secrets? From Local ToursMontreal Brewpub - Beer Tour to VdM Global’s Foodie Tour to the Flavours of “The Main”Montreal Food Tour by Fitz and Follwell, there are a number of top-quality guided tours available to let you experience Montréal gastronomy first-hand.

Clearly, in Montréal each and every foodstuff, from poutine to oysters to even burgers, offers a fabulous excuse for a dedicated week of celebration, festivities and promotions in restaurants across the island.

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