Montréal's Poutine


February 28, 2014 Whatever anyone might say, poutine has established its rightful place at the top of the Québécois comfort-food hierarchy, with its fries, cheese curds and gravy a perfect trifecta of complimentary tastes. But what happens when you add a new twist on an old favourite?Restaurant Mâche!, a prime spot in Montréal’s thumping Quartier Latin, serves up delicious and hearty renditions of local comfort food. With several variations of the classic poutine on the menu, it may be hard to choose, but you can’t go wrong with the subtly sweet pulled pork poutine. It’s made up of a heap of French fries, bathed in their special homemade sauce and topped off with caramelized onions.Méchant Boeuf takes poutine up a notch by putting its own über-modern gastropub touch on a Québec favourite. The beloved fries and gravy come smothered with braised pork and Migneron cheese for a more sleek, “grown up” version of this delectable dish. That’s as good a reason as any to take a detour to this cozy spot in Old Montréal.Known to serve some of the most tender and succulent roast beef in North America, Le Magnan on Saint-Patrick Street near the Atwater market also excels in its down-home, hits-the-spot style of poutine: a mountain of fries and a river of flavourful gravy – naturally – heaped with mouth-watering, melting cheese that invites you to dig right in!Feel like you are in a traditional New York-style deli at Reuben’s, a welcoming family restaurant that serves some of the best traditional smoked meat you’ll ever taste. A meal in itself, their “Chop Chop Poutine” features – you guessed it – a mound of smoked meat atop a looming pile of fries, tasty gravy and cheese curds so fresh they’ll squeak on your teeth. Or, if you wish to skip the smoked meat, they offer a homestyle traditional poutine as well. Both are listed as appetizers, but could easily serve as a main course, so come hungry!