© Tourisme Montreal, Pierre Luc Dufour - Schwartz's

© Tourisme Montreal, Pierre Luc Dufour - Schwartz's

April 24, 2012 ─ The famous restaurant that’s been serving up its famous smoked meat celebrates its 80th anniversary.

On December 31, 1928, Reuben Schwartz had every reason to celebrate: he was opening up his new restaurant on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Even he couldn’t have guessed that, 80 years later, its popularity would show no signs of abating.

His secret? Still closely guarded to this day. And yet, people from as far away as Japan, India and Russia have tried to crack the code of Schwartz’s famous smoked meat recipe.  Patrons can wait up to 45 minutes to sink their teeth into those juicy meat slices, with a side of dill pickle.

To mark this great occasion, Schwartz’s opened a take-out counter right next door where, in addition to their regular heavenly sandwiches, you can purchase sealed packages of meat, ready for travel without refrigeration for 48 hours. Perfect for taking a taste of Montréal home!