Toothsome Montréal take-out places

© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Europea Espace Boutique© Tourisme Montréal, Sid Lee - Le Cartet

© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Europea Espace Boutique

May 8, 2012 ─ When the mercury starts to climb, the last thing Montrealers want to do is crank up the oven. But we love take-out meals, a trend that’s showing no signs of abating for both residents and visitors.

Before we begin, a small clarification: by ready-to-eat we don’t mean tossing frozen meals in the microwave and wolfing them down the time it takes to heat them. We are, in fact, talking about an emerging cuisine that’s enjoyed in three different, but equally delectable, fashions.

In its gourmet version, take-out takes our taste buds to the lands of rich,  upscale sandwiches. Europea Espace Boutique in Old Montréal and Café Vasco da Gama downtown are just two of the many restaurants that draw the chic lunch-box crowd. Quality, fresh foods are a constant feature of these café-boutiques, as are the mouthwatering combinations of flavours tucked between two fresh slices of bread. And don’t forget the tempting viennoiseries and patisseries…Go ahead and indulge (and save the calorie-counting for l


Done country-style, ready-to-eat is best enjoyed outdoors on Mount Royal, at Philips Square, or on the banks of the Lachine Canal. First, prime your palate with the aromas of local products at the Marché du Vieux or the Atwater Market, after which you can spoil yourself with a choice of fine cheeses, crunchy fresh baguettes, and luscious pâtés. Voilà! A delightfu


The last way to enjoy take-away is slowly and sweetly. Try the imported desserts offered among the many toothsome items at Le Cartet, a gourmet shop and restaurant rolled into one epicurean hub.