Cinemania Film Festival


October 24, 2012 – Voici the dilemma. You’re Anglo. You’ve met this cutie on-line who’s Franco. You’re both movie buffs. You’ve got a first date lined up. But you’re a mixed-language couple. What to do?

Do Montréal’s Cinemania. Dedicated to showcasing the crème de la crème of French-language films, this fest happily sates movie-goers of both linguistic persuasions since all films are presented with English subtitles. While it regularly screens the latest works of renowned directors (Chabrol, Berri, Leconte, Becker and many others) the fest makes room for cinema’s up-and-coming directing talent too.

The rich repertoire is whittled down from hundreds of titles by its discerning programming committee, so you’re sure to find something to feast your eyes on. (That is, if you can take them off of one another.)