Grace Kelly’s spirit manifests at the McCord Museum


May 2, 2013 ─ Adored by Hitchcock, romanced away from Hollywood by a prince, and admired by generations of fans, Grace Kelly was an American legend. Princess Grace may no longer have a physical presence on this earth, yet she continues to fascinate. For the first time in North America, fans can find out more about the real Grace Kelly through a unique exhibit at the McCord Museum that explores her extraordinary life. From June 6 through October 6, 2013, visitors will be able to trace the past of the celebrated star, who was not only an acclaimed actress and adored princess, but also a great woman who dedicated her life to her family, her people and her friends.

Co-produced with the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco and based on an exhibition by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly - Beyond the Icon is mapped around such themes as passion, elegance, love, commitment and friendship by means of some 100 objects and archives. A multi-faceted character is revealed through love letters, friendship notes, photos, film clips and probably her most impressive legacy of all, fashion. A collection of clothing and accessories from various designers shows how her style influenced and shaped the history of fashion. Join the graceful spirit of Princess Grace, who believed that it was right to honour those who created beautiful things, and give satisfaction to those who saw her wearing them.