Jogging in Old Montréal and Parc Jean-Drapeau

© Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal et 5k - Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal et 5k© Tourisme Montréal - Biosphère, musée de l'environnement© Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc. - Clock Tower Pier
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© Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal et 5k - Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal et 5k

A veritable four-season playground for those who like to push it to the limit, the Old Port of Montréal and the Parc Jean-Drapeau welcome hordes of skaters, runners and cyclists all year long. Are you game? On your mark, get set, go!

Start off on the right foot from the Old Montréal Tourist Information Bureau (174, Notre-Dame Street East) where the downhill slope and festive atmosphere of Place Jacques-Cartier will spur you on towards the port. Continue along the Promenade du Vieux-Port away from the Clock Tower while drinking in the view of the historic district, with the St. Lawrence River and its bustling quays on one side, and cobblestone streets lined with 18th and 19th century architecture on the other.

Follow the bike path that runs underneath the highway and take Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, where you’ll be amazed by the intriguing labyrinth of apartments that form the Habitat 67 complex. Cross the Pont de la Concorde and the Pont des Îles, turn right and cruise onto the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, the celebrated Formula One racetrack.

Continue towards the Jardins des Floralies, whose paths will take you to the Casino de Montréal. Return to the trail and take the Passerelle du Cosmos footbridge to the Biosphère, an immense geodesic dome that served as the US pavilion for Expo 67 and is now an environmental museum.

Getting tired? The metro is but a handy few metres away if you choose to end your route here. However, the hardcore runner within wouldn’t want to stop before jumping into the water show along chemin MacDonald. Before reaching the Jacques Cartier bridge, loop back by the chemin du Tour-de-l’Isle in the direction of the lookout. Catch your breath while admiring Man (L’Homme), the 24-metre high stabile sculpture created by Alexander Calder for Expo 67.

Again, you now have a choice: either end here and take the seasonal shuttle boat back to the Quays of the Old Port, or continue your route to the Pont de la Concorde in order to retrace your path back to the beginning of your exhilarating tour.

Helpful information:

Itinerary distance (including only one loop): 17.7 km (10.6 miles)

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