Urban Vibe

Montréal in a Nut Shell© Tourisme Montréal - Morales© Hôtel Nelligan - Hôtel Nelligan
© Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin - Montréal skyline from Mount Royal© Newtown - Newtown

Montréal takes its fun very seriously, and its seriousness lightly. It’s a city that loves to party, especially with its visitors. And visitors love Montréal. They rave about the beautiful women and gorgeous men, the crazy spontaneity and that there’s always something new and unorthodox at every turn.

They love the beating of the tam-tams and the dancing around a statue of an angel every summer Sunday at the foot of the “Mountain.” Or partying at a Picnik Électronic on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Or dancing to the spins of the hottest DJs till dawn and beyond. And they get a kick about how Montréalkicks back, like at funky cafés and art galleries on trendy Saint-Laurent, in funky Plateau Mont-Royal and Mile End, and in the voluptuous Village.

They love being constantly surprised by trends its denizens come up with, like mixing and matching designer wear with quirky, second-hand items. They have a talent for flair supported by investors not afraid of revealing the unheard of, because they know to be great you have to take chances. Commerce Design Montréal, for example, is a contest run by the city promoting design daring-do. The result? Art woven through every fibre of this city’s life.             

Visitors and Montrealers alike love the fabulous food and glamorous nightlife. The locals adore meeting out-of-towners and spending time with them, like over a good meal with non-stop conversation or mixing up dance styles at a club. Or seeing them have the time of their lives at the Jazz Festival, or watching their faces light up when they spot a boutique they simply must enter.

The streets of Montréal—like Laurier, Saint-Denis and Saint-Paul—are lined with one chic boutique, art gallery, funky café, design furniture store after another. Any one of them can beckon at any time, because each one has at least one original creation destined for each passer-by. And that’s kind of thing our visitors can’t get enough of.