Emerging music

© Tourisme Montréal, Eva Blue - Piknic Electronik

© Tourisme Montréal, Eva Blue - Piknic Electronik

October 2, 2013 ─ You don’t have to have to be plugged in to the music scene to know that Montréal’s emerging music’s star is shooting through the firmament. It’s kind of in keeping with the city’s character—a creative, catalytic and cutting-edge sensibility that seems to spawn new trends by the minute.

There’s something for every music lover in venues island-wide here, with sounds spanning a spectrum of styles from hip hop to punk to electronica and jazz, all infused with a never-heard-before newness.

And when it comes to events to choose from, Montréal is a simply a standout. Seriously, how many cities offer you the chance to pull on a one-piece snowsuit and dance outside to electronic music in the heart of winter (Igloofest)? Or discover eclectic electronic on a lush island under the wide-open sky with Montréal as a backdrop (Piknic Electronik)?

Then again, if you’re interested in exploring digital creativity in music, art and sound with other avid globetrotters, you need look no further than MUTEK. A must on the international calendar, the MUTEK festival brings together artists, professionals and festivalgoers in pursuit of the very finest in electronic permutation and visual and sonic experimentation.

And last but not least, there’s the Society for Arts and Technology, or SAT, a unique transdisciplinary centre devoted to everything new in digital culture. North America’s first “Living Lab”, joining a network created by the European Community, continues to offer us digital discovery in myriad forms and exciting interactive immersion.

Equally on the forefront of all things musically new and cool is the Pop Montréal International Music Festival, featuring a delectable menu of independent music in several venues around the city. Much more than just an excuse for 600 artists to jam for over 50,000 eager fans, POP also offers conferences and workshops, visual arts exhibitions, a craft & record fair and activities for kids, in addition to all-night loft parties.

Montréal’s scene is this—and then some. Because maybe while you’re wandering about, your ears will prick up to great new sounds emanating from some obscure building. That’s the beauty of the Montréal music style. Emerging where and when you least expect it.