Montréal by Night

© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Crescent Street© Tourisme Montréal, Mathieu Dupuis - Casino de Montréal© Canadian Tourism Commission - Nightlife
© Taverne Gaspar - Taverne Gaspar©, le photographe masqué - Terrace, de la Commune Street

© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Crescent Street

Experiencing Montréal by night is when you’ll really get to see what the city is all about – contagious and inclusive joie-de-vivre! Your night, your choice: will it start with a 5 à 7? An evening concert? Supper at 11 p.m.? Dancing ‘til dawn? The choice is yours and oh the choice you have! Montréal’s nightlife scene is as varied as it is engaging, with something for everyone.

A typical night out à la Montréal
End of workday Thursday is the unofficial kick-off to Montréal weekends: the fun begins with a 5 à 7 – indisputably the happiest hour of the week – in bars, pubs, microbreweries and patios across the island, which leads naturally to a late-ish supper out, somewhere around 9 p.m. (Yes, here we dine later rather than sooner, letting our Latin roots show.) Since the night is still young, it’s off to catch some live music, sample rare vintages in a fav wine bar or simply dance the night away in one of the city’s many clubs. And it doesn’t have to stop there!

Montréal nightlife by neighbourhood

It’s all well and good to want to go out, but where? Montréal neighbourhoods have a personality all their own – especially when the sun goes down:

  • Downtown is the place to see and be seen in the many patios, pubs, dance clubs, lounges, resto-bars and supper clubs that line Crescent Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard;
  • Plateau/Mile End is ideal for a dose of trendy bohemian sizzle;
  • Old Montréal flaunts stylish urbanites who play as hard as they work;
  • The mostly francophone Latin Quarter is a popular student hang-out to enjoy a cold one with friends;
  • The LGBT-friendly Village hums all year long, but especially in the summer when Sainte-Catherine Street closes to traffic and opens to outdoor patios.
  • Parc Jean -Drapeau with its entertaining Casino de Montréal.
  • Griffintown is the up-and-comer on the Montréal nightlife scene, with a predominantly anglophone, hipster feel.

Year-round entertainment
Montréal’s nightlife adapts to the seasons: summer is all about outdoor festivals and patios, while winter features crowd-pleasing performances and shows. When you consider that we host some 108 festivals throughout the year alone, it’s pretty safe to say that no matter the language or the interest, when it comes to finding something to do in the evening, Montréal has something for everyone.

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