Montréal’s microbreweries

© Tourisme Montréal, Pierre-Luc Dufour - Brutopia, brasseur artisan© BENELUX brewpub and café - BENELUX brewpub and café© Tourisme Montréal, Pierre-Luc Dufour - Brutopia, brasseur artisan

© Tourisme Montréal, Pierre-Luc Dufour - Brutopia, brasseur artisan

May 8, 2014 - Montréal’s microbreweries have long been the favourite hangout of those interested in good company and good beer. They appeal to crowds of all ages, especially for our lively 5 à 7, the city’s very distinct and engaging take on happy hour.

But make no mistake: like everything else, Montréal lends its signature style to these lively spaces. Take the design, where you’ll find copper vats ingeniously incorporated into trend-setting decor. Or the beer, which is crafted with hints of fruits and spices and the utmost of care. And let’s not forget the savoury snacks served with your pint, including European hodogs, deer tartar and fresh home-made chips.

Here are our suggestions on the top spots to enjoy Montréal-brewed beers:

Brutopia Brewpub
Wide choice of beers, including eight types of in-house ales brewed using natural ingredients, and a delicious menu of finger foods sure to please every palate. Guests can choose from three different levels of seating as well as three different terraces and can tune into rock, pop and blues performances showcased every evening.

À la croisée du Quartier des spectacles et du centre-ville, la brasserie artisanale BENELUX est très prisée pour son ambiaCentrally located between the Quartier des Spectacles and downtown, BENELUX is a Brewpub well-known for its relaxed and modern atmospherence décontractée et contemporaine. This place brews and sells its own brand and other varieties of beer. Situated in a historic bank, the door of its former safe opens on to a “vault’ room. Created by designer Bruno Braën.