Here’s a typical night on the town à la Montréal.

It started out like most weekends do—on Thursday—with our ritual 5 à 7 (cocktails) at our fave bar on Parc (as in avenue du). After swapping gossip, we decided to check out the happening du jour: in this case, it was an outdoor art exhibit downtown on McGill College, but on any given day it could have been a festival show, film premiere, book launch, you name it, we’re up for it.

And why not going to the Casino ? Located in one of the most spectacular buildings and sites in the city, the Casino de Montréal dazzles visitors with its range of gaming and entertainment offerings. Guests can enjoy a festive atmosphere with some 100 gaming tables and approximately 3,000 slot machines.

We tucked into a trendy café for a steaming cappuccino and then headed out for supper on the Main around 9 p.m. Yes, here we dine later rather than sooner, letting our Latin roots show.

We decided to work it off at a nearby dance club and hooked up with a bunch of Asian businessmen in town for an international convention.

So there we were, the DJ spinning hard on one floor, friends lounging in the wine bar below and us shooting stick with newfound friends in the middle, with a vivid conversation about flirtation in the 21st century heating up in 4+ languages.

Where else in the world could this be possible? And considered the norm?!

No matter what you’re after, you’re going to find it: chic to trashy, conservative to alternative, pub to dance floor. Montréal nightlife is all about the party and welcoming everyone in on the vibe.

Plus you can conveniently scoot about town in a flash by foot, métro or taxi, which amplifies the feeling of how tight and close a populace we are.

After a 3 a.m. poutine I called it quits, but the gang opted to try out a new after-hours club on Sainte-Catherine. I returned home to dream about tomorrow night’s adventure.