Pedestrian streets in Montréal in the summer

© Michel Turcotte - Place Jacques-Cartier and City Hall© Nancy Falso - Street scene© Timothy Johns - Saint-Paul Street
© Montréal Museum of Fine Arts - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts© Carl Éthier - Aires Libres© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Prince-Arthur Street and Square Saint-Louis

© Michel Turcotte - Place Jacques-Cartier and City Hall

November 10, 2014 — Montréal is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world, and summer, in particular, is when l’art de flâner (the art of the leisurely stroll) graces the many car-free zones of the city.

Sainte-Catherine Street East in the Village
Aires Libres, Montréal’s eco-artistic happening of the year, is a pedestrian haven on Sainte-Catherine Street East in the Village (between Berri and Papineau) complete with art installations, street performers, and patios as far as the eye can see.

Saint-Paul Street East in Old Montréal
Saint-Paul Street East in Old Montréal (between Marché Bonsecours Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard) is, for the most part, sans automobile (motorized vehicles are permitted only between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.) from May to late September. Specialty boutiques, art galleries, cafés, and restaurants line this charming cobblestone thoroughfare.

Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montréal
The gentle slope down from the Nelson monument affords a superb view of the Old Port. Place Jacques-Cartier is a major gathering place and entertainment site in Old Montréal. It draws passers-by and visitors who enjoy street artists, roving entertainers, face painters and caricaturists.

Get a feel for Chinatown on Clark Street between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Street, and at De La Gauchetière Steet—the district’s permanent pedestrian artery—to check out authentic shops, street merchants, and eateries.

Prince-Arthur Street in Plateau Mont-Royal
The party frequently spills out onto Prince-Arthur Street, a Montréal favourite with its vast selection of bars, bistros, terraces, and musicians.

Victoria Street
Downtown, the McCord Museum takes over Victoria Street from June to October. Natural trees, a piano, giant swing, football table, picnic area, musical offerings, and a brand new program of entertainment combine to offer passers-by an environment like no other.

Du Musée Avenue – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
To the delight of passers-by, part of Du Musée Avenue (nearby the Museum of Fine Arts) has been transformed into a pedestrian mall until October. Twenty-two works by Québec, Canadian, and international artists can be admired.