The 2011 Montréal summer tourist season: another fine performance

Montréal, October 19, 2011 – Montréal’s tourism industry has received good results for the 2011 summer tourist season (May to September). The latest figures show growth of just over 1% for the number of hotel rooms sold during that period as compared to the increase in 2010, a truly record-breaking year for tourism figures. Hotel room rates increased by approximately 1.3% over the summer months.

A number of factors explain why Montréal continues to show good tourism results, specifically the high quality of its events line-up. The work of conference industry professionals to attract large-scale business meetings to the city, as well as the efforts of tourism players to promote Montréal as a dynamic destination, also played a significant role in this year’s results.

“Although 2009 was a very tough year that hit our industry hard, we can now look upon it as a thing of the past, and celebrate the excellent numbers from the summer of 2010 and the continuation of that trend in 2011,” states the honourable Charles Lapointe, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “Thanks to the diligent work and expertise of Tourisme Montréal teams and other industry professionals, the city was able to distinguish itself as a leader among other destinations and attract a record number of visitors, for both business and leisure, and I would like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to this glowing success. However, hotel occupancy and average daily rates, which are both too low at present, continue to be causes for concern,” concluded Charles Lapointe.

One of the challenges for the coming years will be to continue to fill the approximately 5,000 hotel rooms added over the past decade, primarily in the high-quality niche market. Greater Montréal’s real estate assets include over 31,000 rooms. The fact that Montreal is prepared to invest on this scale is proof that the city stands out from its competitors in the industry by offering a constantly evolving tourism product that leaves a lasting and positive impression on international visitors.

Montréal welcomes some 7.5 million tourists annually (all types of tourism combined), who spend a total of $2.3 billion.

Results for the 2011 summer tourist season in Montréal (in French):

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