Concerts at Bourgie Hall


December 13, 2013 – In 2011, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts opened the doors to Bourgie Hall, a unique 444-seat performance hall located in the restored Erskine and American Church. Featuring high-quality acoustics and an exceptional interior with no less than 20 remarkable Tiffany stained glass windows, the beauty of this venue’s sound is only matched by that of its décor.

Hosting over 100 concerts a year, the venue presents a wide range of musical genres, from early music to contemporary, and often in connection with the Museum’s exhibitions and collections. The hall's dimensions are ideal for the needs of chamber-music ensembles and orchestras. So much so, in fact, the Bourgie Concert Hall welcomes internationally-renowned performers, including some concerts in collaboration with musicians from the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.

If you have yet to experience the auditory and visual beauty of this venue, the exhibition, Splendore a Venezia - Art and Music from the Renaissance to Baroque in Venice, presents the perfect opportunity! Running until January 19, 2014, this exhibition explores important interrelationships that exist between the visual arts and music in the Venetian Republic and is accompanied by outstanding musical programming. Or, Musical Family Sundays provide a fantastic weekend activity for the whole family.