Marco Polo’s Montréal Adventure


March 5, 2014 — Marco Polo left his hometown, Venice, in 1271. He was 17 years old and about to embark on a path that would be filled with adventure and wonder. Before returning 24 years later, he would come across various peoples, religions, flora, fauna, inventions, and materials he had never encountered before. Pointe-à-Callière invites you to follow his cross-continental journey, from Venice to China and the court of the great Kublai Khan, by way of Persia, the Mongolian steppe, and the shores of India.

This exhibition, which features rare and valuable objects from major international lenders, will tickle your desire to travel afar. You’ll be immersed in sublime landscapes and witness the skills of master craftsmen of the Middle Ages. You’ll handle furs, silks, and woolen fabrics and smell spices that evoke the places that Marco Polo visited on his trek. And all this accompanied by the words of Marco Polo himself, taken from his travelogue, observations that will transport you from 21st century North America to Medieval Europe and Asia. Time travel à la Montréal.