The Luminous Creativity of Dale Chihuly


May 12, 2013 ─ At 72 years of age, American artist Dale Chihuly is one of the most prolific and influential glass artists of his generation, with works in more than 200 museum collections worldwide including the Louvre in Paris.  He has almost single-handedly elevated blown glass from a mere artisanal product to a fine art form, putting it up there with monumental sculpture and establishing this delicate material as a mode of expression for environmental art.

Full of play and theatricality, his sculptures give voluptuous shape to excess, making it shine. In signature Chihuly style, his creations highlight flowing lines reminiscent of nature, bright colors and shapes that bend with the viewers’ imagination, leaving them open for interpretation.

Eight spell-binding environments created by Chihuly’s brilliant glass installations will be showcased at the Montréal Museum of Fine Art from June 8 to October 20 in a first-ever major museum show in Canada. Inspired by nature, these spectacular pieces create a magical world with plays on colours, reflections and organic shapes and challenge the apparent fragility of the medium.