KSF - Kayak, Surf and SUP


April 15, 2013 ─ The rivers surrounding the island of Montreal afford stunning views of the city. Why not soak up the scenery – and a little water – while learning a new sport?

KSF (Kayak Sans Frontières) offers water activities for every level. Dreams of floating downriver, discovering exotic locales? Kayaking is the best way to explore a river, and KSF’s instructors will ensure that you master Eskimo rolls, sweep and traction strokes, and how to read the rapids at your own pace.

If the surfboard is calling your name, learn to surf from the safety of calm waters, or perfect your technique in the white water waves. You’ll read the current and perfect the Hawaiian roll, with the beauty of the Lachine Rapids and exotic design of Habitat 67 as the perfect backdrop.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is becoming a popular sport around the world, and KFS navigates the sport with ease. A mix of both kayaking and surfing, it’s the ultimate way to sneak a workout into your Montreal stay. There’s a bunny wave with your name on it!