Maison Christian Faure


November 15, 2013 — With the opening of Maison Christian Faure, Montréal entered the world-class league of cities that offer expertly-prepared pastries graced with a host of creative flavour combinations. Named after its founder, Chef Christian Faure, M.O.F. (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), the establishment is part pâtisserie, part café, part boutique, and part cooking school (it’s actually the first international institution specializing in teaching French pastry in Canada).

Located at the historic Place Royale public square, the Maison occupies a 300-year-old refurbished building fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The multipurpose venue offers lunchboxes, workshops and classes for pastry aficionados, and a private lounge for special events like press conferences, product launches, reunions, award ceremonies, annual meetings, and training sessions.

The décor is contemporary and refined, and Chef Faure and his staff are friendly and accommodating. Against this backdrop, chic snacking on sweet or salty treats and finding gourmet gifts for the special someone in your life are entirely appropriate.

Just as Montreal is a city that offers a lovely balance between past and present, Maison Christian Faure provides harmony in pastry, combining gourmet tradition with innovation for a truly delightful experience.