November 23, 2012 – This unclassifiable flea market of art has something for every taste and every budget. A sort of visual bazaar, this friendly gallery sees art take on numerous and unexpected forms, making it a sort of combination community studio, alternative comics store, artists’ centre and curiosity shop. You can find zines, comics and graphic novels of all kinds, and a panoply of posters for art shows and concerts, along with textile art, records, vintage items from all different periods, and more.

On Saint-Laurent Boulevard south of Saint-Viateur Street near the edge of Mile End, the gallery perfectly embodies the open, relaxed, bohemian spirit of this neighbourhood, where Italian grocers and Greek postmen rub shoulders with Torontonian students. Appropriately, Monastiraki is the name of an eclectic Athens neighbourhood, also home to a great variety of people and wares...

Two artists run this unique gallery: Billy Mavreas, an illustrator and comics artist, and sculptor and poet Emily O’Brien. They organize launches, small concerts, and poetry readings, can tell you about the (many) artists they represent, but most of all are there to host you as you rummage through the place among the many other habitués doing the same thing. Don’t hesitate to point out the works that interest you, because with a little luck, Billy or Emily will reach under the counter and pull out a carefully arranged portfolio full of stunning works by the same artist.