Montréal fashion brand UNTTLD


February 28, 2014 — With their collection of sleek and sexy women’s wear now in Old Montréal at the beautiful Quai 417, it’s a cinch to get a piece by UNTTLD, Montréal’s vibrant young fashion duo, to bring home as a souvenir.


The two brains behind Montréal fashion brand UNTTLD, José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger, met when they were in fashion school. They clicked instantly, but then world travels and different paths separated them for a couple of years, until the day Simon came back from studying in Milan. Their fate as a fashion brand was sealed with the help of television: in 2010, they were the big winners of Québec’s answer to Project Runway, La collection. “We won $100,000—that’s how we managed to launch our own line,” says St-Jacques.


The spirit of Montréal infuses their creativity and the unique quality of their beautiful designs. There is a love of texture and sophisticated statement wear in their brand that doesn’t equate to outlandish prices and hard-to-wear materials. Says St-Jacques, “When we design first of all we think of a woman who’s very contemporary, who likes beautiful things but needs things to be practical.”


And are there plans to design for men too one day? “Ultimately I’d like to design for men as well. I just like to make beautiful things for life. And for that the people in Montréal are so inspiring. You don’t need a lot of money to make things happen here, and that’s such a wealth. It keeps everyone so creative.”