Montréal's Japanese restaurants

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October 15, 2014 — Offering much more than sushi, Japanese restaurants have been popping up on Montréal's thriving culinary scene and causing quite a stir among foodies. In need of fresh Japanese fare in Montréal? These four restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings.

The boisterous Imadake is an izakaya (Japanese pub) where appetizer-sized dishes are meant to be shared. Home to Montréal's famous "sake bomb," Imadake is known for its party ambiance and gastronomic flair but also for its sustainability, as its kitchen uses primarily organic products. Signature dish: Miso Gindara, black cod marinated in miso, sake and ginger, then grilled to caramelized perfection.

Shabu Shabu Kagayaki
The Shabu Shabu, or Japanese fondue, now has its own restaurant in Montréal’s Chinatown. At Shabu Shabu Kagayaki, the signature dish is fondue, of course. Patrons can enjoy cooking their own meal in a pot of their favourite hot broth – the spicy one will add zing! – and then mix and match items from vegetable, meat and seafood platters.

Kyo Bar japonais
Located in the chic Place d'Armes Hotel in Old Montréal, Kyo Bar japonais is a Japanese brasserie offering refined Japanese comfort food. Specialties include okonomiyaki, a seafood-topped Japanese pancake and the Shabushabu salad. Be sure to taste sake from their extensive list or one of their signature cocktails. Add tasteful design to upbeat atmosphere, and voilà: Kyo!

In an unusual décor with industrial accents and a casual atmosphere, Kyozon serves cocktails, an impressive variety of sake and innovative Asian cuisine. The sushi are served on a kaiten: a conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant offering patrons differently coloured plates to choose from, with no waiting. Other items are served in a more traditional manner.