Planet Shark: An ocean of discovery


May 12, 2013 ─ The Montréal Science Centre calls you to explore the murky depths of one of the most frightening and fascinating ocean creatures – without getting wet! Planet Shark explores the facts (and myths) of one of the most feared predators on the planet. Full-size models—especially two actual frozen specimens—located throughout the exhibit, will truly stimulate the imagination.

Once you enter the universe of sharks, you’ll discover hundreds of different species, including a close encounter with the fearsome Great White Shark. Examine a vast collection of real jaws, teeth, and fossils that are millions of years old. Watch interviews with shark attack survivors, then peruse artefacts from the 1975 movie Jaws!

One fact that may surprise most visitors is sharks’ own need for protection. Due to over-fishing, misunderstanding and misrepresentation, sharks are on the endangered species list and threatened with extinction. You’ll learn why this captivating creature is so vital to the ocean ecosystem.

Planet Shark is open to the public until September 15, 2013 in the Old Port of Montréal.