Tam tams on Mount Royal


April 30, 2012 ─ They say that Montréal moves to its own unique beat. Well, on Sunday afternoons in the city, the proof is in the proverbial djembe. Okay, tam-tams on Mount Royal, as we call it here. But it’s all pretty much the same thing. And that “thing” happens when people bring along their drums, love of rhythm and the outdoors, and meet up with hundreds, if not, thousands of other like-minded music-makers and dancers at one of Montréal’s most spontaneous free-style jams on Mount Royal, at the base of the statue of Sir George-Étienne Cartier.
If you want to take part, but feel you’re musically- or dance-challenged, no worries. Because what happens here, under the open sky, is all part of Montréal’s festive, easy-going ambiance. It’s an unspoken rule that everyone obeys: check your prejudices at the door (okay, let’s say on the asphalt at Parc Avenue), immerse yourself in the vibe and you’ll soon remember why you love this free-spirited metropolis. For this. An event that transcends age, race, gender, sexual orientation and artistic ability, and which devotes itself entirely to living and loving the moment. And it’s not just drums and dancing. You can picnic, play your guitar, soak up some sun or browse the handcrafted wares of the Montréal-brand nomadic artisans.
If you’re feeling skittish about joining in, rest assured that this is not a free-for-all happening. There are police on the premises as well as first aid technicians to make sure this extremely safe event stays that way. Plus, nearby, there’s always the medieval warriors in score, who, we’re sure, will break away from their mock battles… and come to your foam-padded rescue!