The Aquarium Fish Spa


October 18, 2012 ─ The Aquarium Fish Spa offers a unique body care experience in the heart of the eclectic Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. It’s a spa that houses numerous small aquariums…but they’re not for decoration. Guests can treat themselves to a natural pedicure or manicure—with Garra Rufa fish exfoliating their dead skin away right before their eyes!

The first true ‘fish spa’ in Montréal, these tiny creatures stimulate the production of new cells while speeding up the healing process. Simply dip your hands or feet into your own aquarium filled with Garra Rufa fish and emerge with smooth, soft skin. Don’t worry: they use suction, not teeth, to remove the dead skin cells! The exfoliation process is natural, organic, environmentally friendly and, most of all, pain-free. It will leave your skin healthy, soft and smooth as a baby’s...well, you know.

Besides the fish, there are additional services worth an appointment at Aquarium Fish Spa. Certified massage therapists and estheticians will spoil you with a relaxing indulgence; choose from massages, waxing, facials and body treatments using natural ingredients like cocoa and honey. A bar serving hot and cold drinks—from Virgin Mojitos to sparkling wine—makes it a fun spa to visit with friends, ideal for showers and bachelorette parties. The spa’s state of the art equipment is imported from France, as are the shop's high-end Bernard Cassière Paris products. Drop by the boutique, styled with a contemporary, Zen look, and be sure to say hi to the fish.