Walking tours by Local Montréal Tours


September 4, 2013 — To truly get the feel for a place, there’s no substitute for setting off to explore on foot. An upstart company specializing in guided tours that focus on the cultural and gastronomic appeal of the city, Local Montréal Tours aims to give visitors a street-level experience that guides them along the city’s lesser known paths, allowing them to get a taste of the city itself. The company has developed highly original, educational and enjoyable tours that put an emphasis on exposing Montréal’s creative side.

The Jean-Talon Market Food Tour
More than just a market, Marché Jean Talon is the gastronomic heart of Little Italy, a neighbourhood that thrives on culture and the cuisine that bring it to life. During two and a half hours of gastronomic pleasure, visitors will meet local merchants and producers, learn the history of the area and taste the finest gourmet treats. Nosh on Montréal’s best Breton crêpe, favourite Italian canoli, and even a tasting of Ice Cider and cheese.

The Montréal Brewpub – Beer Tour
The Montréal Brewpub Experience is a two-kilometre (1.3 mile) walking tour through the hottest, liveliest neighbourhoods of the city. The walk features visits to three of the city’s best microbreweries, which specialize in a variety of beers (German Hefeweizen, Czech Pilsner, Belgian Tripel, etc.). With snacks and beer tasting at every stop, it’s a great way to get a taste of what makes Montréal unique.