Maison Saint-Gabriel


January 24, 2014 — In 2014, the Maison Saint Gabriel will be offering a variety of interesting programs that are sure to give visitors a new appreciation of craft customs and traditions.

In accordance with its mission of teaching visitors about Quebec history and heritage, throughout the summer of 2014 the Maison Saint Gabriel will offer two tours every Saturday:  the “Filles du Roy” Walking Tour, given by a guide or storyteller, and the Argoulet Tour. This tour includes a New France-themed meal, a ride along the St. Lawrence river in a horse-drawn carriage, a tour of the Maison’s magnificent gardens and a tasting, either of herbal tea from the garden or of a Montréal-brewed beer, called Les Filles du Roy.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, which showcases the building itself as well as the furniture and household objects inside, the Maison offers a variety of virtual exhibitions. Also in 2014, a new exhibition entitled Un autre son de cloche/ The ringing of the bell will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about this object and the role it played in the history of New France. In 2015, another exhibition (Allons voir si la rose…/ Let us see if the rose ...) will present the queen of flowers, long beloved of poets and artists. And, in 2016, it is the school’s turn to be in the spotlight in the exhibition entitled Sur les bancs d’école en Amérique française/ In school in French North America.