Montréal On Wheels teams up with Parks Canada


August 30, 2011 – Nothing will bring you closer to a city and its people than pounding the pavement and exploring it by foot. But for travellers, time is often of the essence, and even the fleet-footed won’t be able to take it all in. Thankfully, Montréal On Wheels is there to get your trip rolling.

Catering to limber-legged tourists looking for a street-level view of the city, Montréal On Wheels offers bicycle rentals, guided bike tours of the city as well as bike rides with tour leaders. Coast through the city’s streets and its impressive network of bike paths while seeing all the signature attractions, from the Lachine Canal and Atwater Market to the Old Port and Habitat 67.

In addition to the popular guided bike tours such as the “City Tour” and the "Vista-Architecture" tour, Montréal On Wheels now features a series of history-focused rides with tour leaders. Offered in collaboration with Parks Canada, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, these tours include a history presentation by an official representative of Parks Canada’s National Historic Site at the Lachine Canal. As opposed to guided bike tours, they contain fewer stops for commentary, and guests have the option of choosing just how much they’d like to learn.

If you opt for a brief presentation designed to highlight key elements of the landscape, it will add just five minutes to your trip. History buffs, however, will no doubt choose the more detailed option. Adding an additional half hour to your tour, this presentation focuses on the history of the Lachine Canal and its pivotal role in the country’s navigation history and industrial development. Popular with student groups, businesses and families, these tours are complete with everything you’ll need to ride safely, including a bike, a helmet, a safety vest and a lock. They’re the perfect way to see the heart of the city and feel its pulse.