Montréal’s Public Art Map

© Geneviève Thibault - Public art in Le Village© Tourisme Montréal, Martin New - Monument to the Montreal Canadiens / Maurice Rocket Richard© Stéphane Cocke - World Trade Centre Montréal / Rafael sottolichion's Wall
© Mélanie Cantin - Endless escalator at Papineau Métro© Centre d'exposition de l'Université de Montréal / Photo: Productions Train d'enfer - Art pour tous© Rémi Dussault - Public Art
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© Geneviève Thibault - Public art in Le Village

May 21, 2014The title of Montréal’s newest free tourist map sums it all up: More than 100 works of public art in Montréal: 5 tours to discover. [CO1]

Free to the public, the map highlights five different routes designed to help visitors discover Montréal, its heritage and rich cultural diversity, through compelling works of public art. The chosen works have been selected to illustrate the diversity of Montréal’s public art offering and run the gamut from commemorative monuments to contemporary masterpieces.

Each circuit has been developed around a museum and as such, focuses on a specific city locality.

AJOUTER: (décrire chaque circuit)[CO2]

Downtown knowledge and heritage tour:

-From the McGill University campus to the majestic public gathering places, this tour is filled with charm.

Historical tour: From the old city to the new

-Let some of the oldest parts of the city take you back in time. Discover the narrow streets and famous places of Old Montréal; a testament to both the city’s storied past and its promising future.

Tour among the trees in Parc Jean-Drapeau

-A stroll through this magnificent park situated in the St. Lawrence River, on the site of the late, great Expo 67. This tour pays tribute to the artistic energy that characterized this event.

Contemporary neighbourhood discovery tour

-Welcome to the Quartier des spectacles! IN this eclectic neighbourhood – a hub of creativity, innovation, production and diffusion – coexist unique artworks.

Museum of Fine Arts and environs tour

-While several of the works in this tour put their private owners’ artistic tastes on display, many others belong to the Montreal Museum of Fine arts, which maintains a large sculpture garden outside the museum, an offshoot of its splendid modern and contemporary art collection.

The tours can be enjoyed on foot, by bike (why not hop on a BIXI?) or public transit. Maps are available at the Infotouriste Centre located at 1255 Peel Street and at the Tourist Welcome Office in Old Montréal at 174, Notre-Dame Street East.

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