The St. Lawrence River


November 22, 2014 – Montréal’s not just a great city, it’s an island city, and fun runs fast as the surrounding St. Lawrence. From rafting to surfing and from kayaking to dinner cruises, our mighty river delivers on all counts.

Get in touch with your inner speedster while crashing through waves and whitecaps don a rafting or jet boating down the Lachine Rapids. These thrilling and exhilarating wild water outings will leave you soaked to the bone, so a change of dry clothes is essential.
Surfer dudes or dudettes can catch a wave, including Big Joe, the world’s tallest standing wave, right behind Habitat 67. (For those who really want to go with the floe, there’s even ice surfing in winter.)

Kayaking or pedalboating on the Lachine Canal is great for those who like to take it slow and savour the moment.

To soak up Montréal’s stunning skyline, book a cruise with Bateau-Mouche or Croisières AML, which offer brunch, guided and dinner cruises. Be sure to book your dinner cruise during the Fireworks Competition for spectacular views of the lights from the water.

Montréal is also a port of call for a number of major cruise ships. Every year, they drop anchor at the Old Port to let thousands of passengers discover our city.

Whether you plunge right in, keep to the surface or simply hang out beside it, the mighty St. Lawrence River continues to be a centre of attraction for people of all ages.