Bistro Florin


September 9, 2011 – From the moment you set foot inside, the orange decor envelops you with its warmth. The patio, with its gravel, umbrellas and vines, gives you the illusion that you’ve been transported into a small, remote area of the French countryside. Before you’ve even taken a seat, the tone has been set: it feels good to be at Bistro Florin. The warm and welcoming staff, as well as the menu—with its traditional French offerings (occasionally enhanced by a taste of the exotic) and its gourmet Québec products—complete the seduction.

This charming bistro offers a selection of dishes that are prepared with care and that will make you salivate—as much for their careful preparation as for their affordable price. Offering entirely new lunch- and dinner-time specials every two weeks, the chef keeps providing fresh and delicious reasons to return. There’s always something exciting for those who like a little variety in their cuisine! What’s more, all the specials can be prepared for take-out, which is handy for those with a tight schedule and a delicate palate.

For starters, Bistro Florin offers a citrus-marinated salmon appetizer, escargot with blue cheese dressing, and crème brûlée au foie gras, and for the main course, there’s tilapia in a white wine and curry sauce, a pork roast served with a mustard demi-glace, and a refreshing salad heaped with grilled tiger shrimps and stuffed rabbit thighs à la provençale. The rest is on the menu. Short, but crafted with care, the wine list features a variety of well-chosen selections—red, white and rosé—to satisfy every palate, while at the same time forming an excellent complement to the chef’s creations. Simple. Pleasant. Delectable.