Culinary Diversity in Montréal

© Sébastien Roy - Labo culinaire - Foodlab

February 17, 2016 - In Montréal, the cuisine reflects our city’s signature innovation, style and originality. Here, it isn’t a question of whether you eat to live or live to eat: a meal is as much (if not more) about the ritual as it is about the food consumed.

Creativity and Originality
No matter the meal, our incredibly talented chefs delight us with their innovative creations by deftly mixing and matching styles and traditions. Young, up-and-coming chefs increasingly propose fresh, unpretentious and inventive fare with creations that are innately “Montréal”.

Local Products, Incredible Quality
Dining in Montréal is often a mix of haute cuisine and classic Quebecois recipes, with  a healthy smattering of culinary traditions hailing from the over 120 ethnicities found on the island for good measure. Throw in the farm-fresh produce and specialty products found in public markets and gourmet boutiques, and you’ve got an outstanding culinary scene that supports local purveyors.

Friendly and Accessible
The warm and hospitable ambiance found in Montréal restaurants and bistros only add to the experience; chefs often venture into the dining room to greet patrons, as any good host would. It is this gracious and open approach to hospitality that distinguishes Montréal dining and makes for a lovely meal.

Many Cultures and Restaurants
Montréal’s many cultural communities drive the city’s incredibly diverse cuisine. With over 5,000 gastronomic establishments (an average of 75 restaurants per square kilometre), the city offers an exquisite choice of some 120 different types of regional and national cuisines.