Deville Dinerbar


February 13, 2012 – The Deville Dinerbar on downtown Stanley Street is the newest ode to Americana on the Montréal foodie scene: a throwback to the traditional American diner, its menu is heavy on comfort classics, but with a decidedly contemporary twist. Same goes for the décor – dark vinyl seats, glossy black and chrome surfaces, and an abundance of pink neon lighting put a good dose of futuristic slick into the roadside eatery of days gone by. And a juke box? Why of course – it’s a diner, after all – but like everything else, it’s been updated: just download the Deville iPhone/iPad app to choose the songs you want to hear on the “virtual” juke box!

Open for lunch and dinner plus weekend brunch, portions are typical of a diner (big!) so arrive hungry. Pull up a stool at the lunch counter or grab a table on the partial upper floor, then choose from a variety of dishes that range from pasta, burgers and sandwiches to hearty meal salads, rotisserie chicken, ribs, and more.

Comfort food with a major twist
Deville features an extensive menu, seemingly too varied to be concise, yet thoughtfully designed to reflect comfort food staples and local faves with its own unique spin. Take, for example, their Mac and Cheese Fried Won Tons served with a diabolo marinara sauce and paired with an Oriental-style sweet and spicy dipping sauce. Or Bacon-Weaved Meatloaf stuffed with Québec aged bacon and served with sides of mashed potatoes and truffle ragout. You’ve heard of disco dancing, but have you ever heard of Disco Fries? Deville pays tribute to Québec poutine with homemade matchstick fries covered in a veal demi glaze over their signature melted cheese blend. And if you try just one thing at Deville, it has to be the Fried Pickles – you read it correctly – a juicy, sour pickle battered, breaded in panko, fried to crispy golden perfection and served with contrasting maple Dijon and spicy ketchup dipping sauces for a raucously addictive treat. So yeah… comfort food, but not exactly what Mom used to make!

Boozy milkshakes
A somewhat unconventional bar menu reflects Deville’s own take on the classic milkshake: spiked with various liquors such as Sortilège Maple Whisky, Café Minuit, and Bacardi rum, these milkshakes are for adults only! Or choose from their extensive list of cocktails and martinis, shaken or stirred to perfection.

Chic sophistication, stylized Americana, efficient wait staff and generous portions of classic comfort food await you at the Deville Dinerbar!