Dominion Square Tavern


September 27, 2010 – Chandeliers, wrought iron details, terrazzo flooring, and ceramic walls, a well-fashioned décor for a pleasant meal in a deliciously retro and very hip environment.

Built in the roaring twenties, the Dominion Square Tavern has conserved its erstwhile quality, exemplified by the coats of arms of the provinces of the Dominion of Canada and the period photographs adorning the interior.

In this British-style atmosphere, the daily dishes at fixed prices are copious and varied, comprising “worker’s” lunches, as well as great classics like French fries and mayonnaise, bison short ribs, and mussels cooked with bacon and cider. In short, the menu satisfies both minute cravings and hearty appetites without shrinking the wallet. And while the list of beers, ciders, and wines is brief, it contains all of the necessary elements needed to partake in the delightful moments that help to characterize the establishment.

Nestled in the heart of downtown, this reinvented tavern is a haven, providing comfort and joy to all who take refuge within its historic walls.