Fourquet Fourchette du Palais

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Published on October 7, 2009 – While the word fourchette (fork) may seem familiar enough, perhaps fourquet may not be as easily recognizable?  A fourquet is a mashing rake, traditionally used by brewers to process water and malted grains in the mash tun in order to convert starch into fermentable sugars that in turn produce a fluid mass called wort.  And there you have it - a lesson in vocabulary as well as in brewing!  So what do you get when you combine a fork with a mashing rake?

The Fourquet Fourchette du Palais, a restaurant that combines good times, good food and good beer by featuring local produce and native recipes in traditional New France décor.

Step back in time as you sample traditional and Native Québec cuisine such as pemmican or caribou pot pie à la Maudite (one of Unibroue’s most popular beers) served by courteous and attentive wait staff in period costume, while you are entertained by the characteristic joie de vivre of New France.

All dishes are derived by beer wort and its yeast, complemented in large part by spices such as star anise, juniper berries and allspice. This original concept propels patrons back in time to enjoy a feast for the senses.  The restaurant recently garnered the prestigious Laureate crown at the 2009 Quebec Tourism awards (Dinning - tourism development category).  This dining experience is not to be missed!

Fourquet Fourchette du Palais