Garage Beirut


April 11, 2013 ─There is no pretention here – Garage Beirut is a small, welcoming eatery hidden away in a half-basement on MacKay Street just south of Sainte-Catherine that serves up incredibly flavourful, homemade Lebanese fare. Driven by the culinary tradition of his homeland – and his mother’s recipes – chef Naji Elzein creates dishes that overflow with fresh ingredients and authenticity. He takes no shortcuts; the artful preparation of each and every dish comes out in every delicious bite.

Mezza is prepared daily, meats are well-marinated before grilling, the fattoush is well-balanced and domestic wines flow freely…Garage Beirut features the very essence of fragrant Middle Eastern flavours. Lesser-known delicacies such as beid di kawarma (fried eggs with lamb confit), kenafe (semolina pastry, white cheese and sugar cane syrup) and mouhallabié (orange blossom custard) add a touch of the exotic to the traditional menu. For carefully-prepared, flavourful cuisine, Garage Beirut takes the namoura (cake)!