Le Filet


June 13, 2011 – Good news for foodies and lovers of all things fish or seafood! Claude Pelletier and Hubert Marsolais, owners of one of Montréal’s most renowned establishments, the celebrated Club Chasse et Pêche, have opened a new restaurant on Du Mont-Royal Avenue with their partners, Yasu Okasaki and Patrick St-Vincent. Baptized Le Filet, this new temple of haute cuisine once again confirms that Montréal is indeed a culinary capital, much to the delight of gourmets and epicureans alike!

With a name like Le Filet (the net), it goes without saying that the menu emphasizes fish and seafood… and emphasize it does, in the most mouth-watering ways imaginable! Oysters served with hon shimeji mushrooms, truffle oil and oyster cream; raw flounder with Japanese plum, wasabi and cucumber; sablefish with macadamia nuts, celeriac and chorizo flakes… there’s no lack of exciting choices to drive taste buds wild! Le Filet is in a class all its own, thanks to its “amphibious” dishes that deliciously combine the flavours of land and sea as well as its generous plates for two, ideal for more carnivorous patrons.

When it comes to ambiance, the restaurant welcomes patrons with an intimate décor designed by Annie Lebel (Atelier in situ) and Hubert Marsolais. The clever combination of soft, coloured lighting, metallic gold and silver walls and marine photos provide a warm and inviting aquatic feel, perfect for an enjoyable fine dining experience. Le Filet is already aligned to join the ranks of Montréal’s finest tables for anyone who appreciates fine seafood cuisine.