Sweet Montréal Dessert Hotspots

© Maison Christian Faure - Maison Christian Faure© Suite 88 Chocolatier - Suite 88 Chocolatier (de Maisonneuve Blvd)

© Maison Christian Faure - Maison Christian Faure

February 17, 2016 — Got a sweet craving? Read on!

If elegant French pastry is what you crave, Maison Christian Faure in Old Montréal is your destination. An upscale bakery/café on Place Royale, its elegant ambiance is ideal for savouring a bowl of café au lait and a buttery croissant.

If maple is your flavour, stop by Canadian Maple Delights for maple syrup-flavoured gelato or pastry. Extra bonus: this yummy bistro-boutique doubles as a maple museum.

If chocolate is in order, the Suite 88 chocolate lounge on the Plateau has solved the riddle of whether diamonds or chocolate are a girl’s best friend with unique and decadent cacao creations, displayed like the precious jewels they are.

Bon appétit!