Van Horne, Cuisine du Marché


October 25, 2011 – The place is charmingly small, 30 seats at best, but thanks to the inspiration of co-owners Sylvie Lachance and Urs Jakob, the Van Horne is big on finesse and taste! The minimalist décor is reminiscent of an art gallery and with good reason: the striking white walls feature a beautiful selection of artwork from the personal collection of co-owner and pop art aficionado, Urs Jakob, including Roy Lichtenstein’s paper plates, a colourful 10-foot totem pole (named “Bill”) and the original painted plaster and mirror doors of the Iran Pavilion from Expo 67. When it comes to culinary sophistication, the table is set, ready and waiting!

The artistry of Van Horne’s distinctive décor extends through to its plates. Chef Éloi Dion, formerly of the elegant private club, 357C, proposes an exquisitely creative menu that emphasizes fresh, local produce with a healthy dash of daring. Each dish is an eloquent demonstration of his meticulous attention to detail, apparent as much in presentation as in gastronomic precision. And while the menu may only offer about a dozen choices – appetizers, main dishes and desserts combined – each and every one is a true work of culinary art, beginning with the delectable complimentary hors d’oeuvres offered as a prelude to the meal and to dessert.

The Van Horne also boasts a first-rate wine list that includes several excellent private imports and with at least half the list available by the glass. Creative décor, delectable fare, fine wines, and at reasonable prices: it goes without saying that when it comes to an enjoyable culinary experience, the Van Horne is the real deal!