Montréal Arts, Entertainment and Culture

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Culture in a myriad of forms runs rampant across Montréal. It’s not surprising, considering that the city’s Entertainment District alone is a 1 km2 – hotbed of bustling cultural and entertainment action where the best and the brightest come to play. La Vitrine culturelle, a central box office for tickets, information and promotions on all the city’s events, makes it easy to get in on the action. In short, art is everywhere in this city where exciting events happen all year long – you just need to get out there and experience it!

Montréal’s museum culture is thriving, with hundreds of exhibitions each year. These world-class institutions shape the city’s cultural identity while broadening public access to over 4 million objects. What’s more, they handily utilize both new and traditional media to promote dialogues between the present and the past.

Art Galleries & Centres
Often housed in former industrial buildings, the city’s many art galleries and centres showcase the work of local and international artists, both emerging and established.

Performing Arts
When it comes to welcoming international stars or catapulting local up-and-coming talent onto the world stage, Montréal’s door is wide open! The city’s calendar overflows with incredible entertainment spanning all disciplines in both French and English all year long. From dance to music to theatre to opera to film, not only are all forms represented, but they all showcase the city’s signature creativity, energy and passion. What’s more, performing arts festivals of all genres are held throughout the year, much to the delight of local patrons!

Circus Arts
An international circus festival, a world-renowned circus school and, of course, globally-acclaimed circus troupes the likes of Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize continue to reinforce Montréal as a hotbed of circus talent.

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