Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal


July 24, 2013 — September is Photography Month in Montréal, and the 2013 edition of Le Mois de la Photo promises not to disappoint. Spanning from September 5 to October 5, the great gathering of contemporary photography presents 25 free exhibitions deployed in 14 sites throughout the city. This major international biennale brings together striking work by influential photographers, both local and international, under a very topical theme – Drone: The Automated Image.

The interactive and audience-friendly program devised by notable British curator Paul Wombell offers captivating insight into the evolution of images in our society. Technology pushes the limits of creativity further than ever, stimulating the reflection on the intelligence of the camera as a sophisticated instrument. Inviting visitors to explore the fascinating evolution of the relation between human and machine through the artwork of its guest photographers, Le Mois de la Photo emphasizes the link between the artists’ creativity and the camera’s autonomous capacity.

Le Mois de la Photo also invites the public to participate in Canadian artist Max Dean’s interactive installation As Yet Untitled. Approximately 20,000 family photos are needed, which will be shown to visitors by a robot that will either keep them or shred them.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, Le Mois de la Photo’s thirteenth edition will trigger thousands of captivating discussions. Keep your eyes peeled to see the big picture!