Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Bourgie Pavilion


The Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Québec and Canadian Art
Added in 2011 to the Erskine and American Church, this modern and wholly original building stands out immediately for its unusual combination of marble and glass. Each floor of the pavilion is characterized by vast open spaces at the entrance to each exhibition room, allowing visitors to maintain a constant connection to the city – most notably, the glassed-in gallery on the sixth floor affords a spectacular view of Mount Royal.

This pavilion allows the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) to add more than 2,000 square metres of exhibition space. In this area, there is a chronological display of more than 600 Québécois and Canadian works. As well, the pavilion gives visitors new pedagogical tools, such as an audioguide to the collection, which is free at all times.

The Bourgie Concert Hall

The creation of a new concert hall was the driving force behind the project to restore the Erskine and American Church, which first opened in 1894. After acquiring the property in 2008, the directors of the Museum wanted to bring the soul back to the building while still maintaining its integrity.

The Bourgie Concert Hall, named in honour of Pierre Bourgie (the patron and mastermind behind the Arte Musica Foundation), is a first-rate cultural centre, offering exceptional acoustics as well as all the latest technology for staging and electronics. With seating for 444, the concert hall will always be seen in a good light with its collection of 146 stained-glass windows, which includes 20 Tiffany windows and the enormous half-rosette by artist Peter Haworth.

The styles presented in the hall will range from early music to contemporary fare, including classical, jazz and world music. The hall will also play host to a number of other cultural and educational activities linked to music and fine arts.